Liquids turn into solids. But what if we combine humans to this transformation? Will frustration grow into change? Will it try to push away the transformation, or will it accept it?

We played with various mediums. From stop-motion to animation and scanning. The video begins with a calmer scene. We show the liquids combining and turning with each other. We placed a plastic layer between the liquids, and saw that they tried to combine again. Then the scanning animation starts. The liquids turn solid.  While the liquid is still moving and showing in the image, the image itself starts to crack like glass. To smaller and smaller pieces till it’s piled up in a ball. That ball shows the last phase; the transformation combined with humans. Frustration grows, till it snaps. In which the video ends.

In collaboration with Tijn Maria

Visual Art & Design Portfolio Esther van Leeuwen| 2023